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Corporate Mission of Cordier Spezialpapier GmbH

The corporate mission of Cordier and accordingly its owners and managing directors is based on the longlasting tradition of this company, the awareness for the present and its responsibility for the future. Four main aspects are at the heart of everything we do:

Our Customers
To develop and manufacture products that correspond to the needs and requirements of our customers. Performance, quality and service orientation is what we focus on.

Our Employees
By doing their daily work, the employees of Cordier form the foundation of our company’s performance.

Our Environment
Stewardship of available resources which safeguards the clean and unspoiled natural environment.

Economic efficiency
Successful entrepreneurship as the basis of securing Cordier’s future.

Our Customers – We understand ourselves as a fair and reliable supplier and partner in industry and trade. Cordier’s customers are always in our focus, we are aware of the fact that without them, there would be no market for our products. Meeting our customers’ needs, wishes and demands, is the focus of our work. Promising quality and good service is especially important to us. Traditionnally, Cordier has a very close relationship with its customers and is in constant interchange with them about products and services. Everything we do is aimed at the success and satisfaction of our customers. Especially when it comes to our products, we put emphasis on an intensive exchange of experiences and developments. Here, our research and development department contributes significantly to the future success.

People are at the heart of Cordier’s economic activities. Cordier’s performance depends to an extremely high degree on its employees. The loyalty and motivation of our employees enable us to manufacture high quality products for our customers. It is again people, our end-consumers, who benefit from our high quality products. For this purpose, the company’s corporate culture should motivate its employees and make them willing to perform. Cordier offers save working conditions in all of its three factories. These are as much a part of our corporate culture as a success-oriented compensation taking into account the technical suitability. We support training and advanced training where appropriate and possible.

The environment is vital for everybody, also for our company, and forms the basis for all our doings. We are constantly looking for ways to minimize the consumption of energy, water and natural raw materials needed for the production process. We focus our thinking on achieving a positive carbon footprint, e.g. when we recycle cotton waste from the textile industry and bring it back to the economic cycle as special paper . We see the limits prescribed by the water protection legislation as challenges for us to invest in innovative, energy-saving and environmentally friendly procedures, thus protecting our river called Isenach and the surrounding nature. Achieving this means a concious use of natural resources and further development of techniques that save consumption of resources. Water is an essential good in the paper production. Fresh water is used from our own wells, in the production area circuits are as closed as possible and waste water is being treated in a biomechanical waste water purification and is recycled as uncontaminated water back to the nature. Not only do we meet legally prescribed limit values for the water protection, we are constantly controlling and observing them. We provide evidence of the origins of the employed raw materials. Sustainability is the subject we focus our thinking on. Cordier makes a lot of efforts for its papers to be allocated certificates as the „FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)“, the Blue Angel ecolabel, or others.

Our company’s aim is economic efficiency. Only if we earn profits, we will be withstanding the global competition and be able to secure jobs. Without adequate innovations resulting from surplusses we will not be able to offer additional services. Responsible management means at Cordier to ensure the longlasting existence of the enterprise. It also means to obey the rules and laws set by a compliance management system, to keep it alive and active and to professionally organise respective internal structures. This holds true for the entire management team that feels committed to it.

We accept the above-mentioned mission statement as binding (dated: 10th March 2014)

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