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Environmental statement

For the manufacture of FSC® product groups, it is the principle of Cordier Spezialpapier GmbH and its papermill Schleipen, to avoid using wood from the following sources:

Wood harvested by circumventing civic or traditional rights of the population;
Wood from high-protection value forests (High Conservation Value Forests HCVF);
Wood, from genetically manipulated trees;
Wood from forests converted into plantations or non-forestry uses.

If it is found that our company uses wood from such sources, we will promptly take all necessary steps, including discontinuing purchases from these sources for all products covered by this statement.

Our company is committed to making the greatest possible efforts to identify the sources of the wood used to manufacture FSC® product groups. Should the identification of the sources of some raw materials prove to be impossible, we undertake to replace these raw materials with a clear origin.