• Vulcanised base paper

    Special fibres for special uses

    Vulcanised fibre is one of the earliest plastics ever. It is characterised by its environmental friendliness, its high strength properties and specific mechanical and physical properties.

    We produce various base papers for our customers depending on the technical product which is to be manufactured. Also here, we mostly use our own cotton linter pulp and rag pulp, produced at Paper Mill Cordier in Bad Dürkheim.

    Quality Cotton linter pulp, cotton rag pulp
    Dyeing natural, olive, brown, red, black
    Grammage 60 g/sqm to 160 g/sqm
    Finishing Reels
    Uses Abrasive industry, stamping parts, gaskets, deep drawn components

  • Battery separators

    Cotton as insulating material

    For more than 30 years, Cordier has delivered battery separator paper to battery manufacturers. The high absorbative capacity of the cotton fibres guarantees the absorption of other chemical material which function as an insulating material between the individual lead storage batteries.

    Also for these products, we use the cotton linter pulp and rag pulp made specifically by our Paper Mill Cordier in Bad Dürkheim.

    Quality Cotton linter pulp, cotton rag pulp
    Dyeing bleached, unbleached
    Grammage 120 g/sqm to 230 g/sqm
    Finishing Reels
    Uses Batteries

  • Linecor®

    Linecor® is a high quality and hard wearing cover material for books, packaging and folders. It is available in various basic colours and in trendy colours as well as embossed with hammer, linen, peau, iris, cube or spider.

    Quality Cellulose paper
    Dyeing Black – from an order size of 1 ton a variety of colours is available according to customer request.
    Grammage 90 g/sqm, 100 g/sqm – Upon customer request we manufacture custom-made products.
    Finishing Reels and sheets, according to request embossed (hammer, skin and linen finish)
    Uses For laminating folders, ring binders, spines, book covers and other organisational means.

  • Marbled paper

    Perfection for both the outside and inside

    Our marbled papers are the ideal solution for laminating folders, book covers and spines. Our environmentally friendly marbled papers have been awarded the „Blue Angel“ and bear the seal of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®-C106978).

    Our finishing department can emboss and cut the products exactly according to your individual demands. Several grammages, colours and embossings are available – please contact us – it will be our pleasure to help you in finding just the right product for you!

    Quality 100% recycled paper
    Dyeing dark grey/white – black/white – light grey/white
    Grammage 72 g/sqm, 80 g/sqm, 90 g/sqm and 100 g/sqm standard, upon customer request, we manufacture custom-made products.
    Finishing embossed (hammer, skin and linen finish) – without imprint/uncoined – reels and sheets, according to your request – laminated with PE (custom-made)
    Uses For laminating folders, ring binders, spines, book covers and other organisational means.

  • Black Paper

    There are many fields of application for black paper. Today, using special pulp and technical additives, we produce heat-resistant label paper, highly conductive papers for the manufacture of laboratory benches and floor boards, or opaque papers for the photo industry. Besides, we also offer standard black paper for the packaging industry.

    Our black paper convinces you through its technical solutions, its intensive dyeing and highest quality.

    Quality Pulp, recycled raw materials
    Dyeing Black
    Grammage 60 g/sqm to 160 g/sqm
    Finishing Reels or sheets, according to your request
    Uses Heat-resistant, highly conductive, opaque black paper, standard black paper

  • Dyeing pulp

    We dye bleached pulp in any desired colour for notable manufacturers. Using highly sophisticated technical equipment and plants as well as personnel with many years of experience, we achieve the most satisfying results.

    We also offer paper or cardboard in any desired colour as a custom-made product for an order size of more than 10 tons. Please contact us – we’d like to help you.

    Quality 100% pulp
    Dyeing Various, according to the customer’s requirements
    Grammage 60 g/sqm to 160 g/sqm
    Finishing Reels or sheets, according to request
    Uses Various

  • Calender roll paper

    Cotton paper made by Cordier has been used for the production of high quality calendar rolls for decades. From our own experience, i.e. for the Technical Paper, we know how important surface properties are. A calendar significantly helps to define the density and volume as well as brilliance and smoothness, to make a high quality paper. Also for calendar roll paper, we use cotton linter pulp and rag pulp manufactured in our own paper mill Cordier

    Quality Cotton linter pulp, rag pulp
    Dyeing Bleached, non-bleached, blue
    Grammage 160 g to 230 g
    Finishing Reels, sheets, octahedron
    Uses Calendar roll covering

  • Customising

    Custom-made solutions

    Our research and development department will gladly participate in the joint solution finding to meet your requirements. This service is having a long tradition in our company. Our up-to-date laboratories are equipped with most modern testing instruments and we are capable of performing various examinations for you at short notice.

    From the most diverse raw materials we can create sophisticated special papers with particular characteristics: high absorbency, high volume, heat-resistance or supercalendering.

    Challenge us, we would like to develop new products according to your requirements.


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