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Paper is Technology and

Paper is not just to write and print on: today, the centuries-old material of paper is indispensable in many machines and in technical as well as electronic appliances.

Together with our customers, we develop e.g. base papers for vulcanised fibre wheels, flame-retarding paper liners for building boards or heat-resistant labels for cutting wheels.

In addition, our technical papers are used as marbled paper for the production of folders and other organisational means.

Focus of our work is the joint development of special papers that lead to a technically satisfying solution for our customers.

For producing all the various end products, we have access to many different kinds of raw materials today. We are handling cotton linter pulp and cotton rag pulp coming out of our own production at Paper Mill Cordier and, of course, normal cellulose and various recycled raw materials, as well.

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