• Schleipen Book Paper

    Whether a best seller in its millionth print run or bibliophile master pieces – today many titles are printed on Schleipen’s high quality paper. Along with the functional requirements that paper must meet on the technical side, we also set particular store by the satisfaction of aesthetic wishes.

    This is confirmed, amongst other things, by the many accolades that have been presented to books printed on Schleipen Book paper by the Stiftung Buchkunst (the Foundation for Book Art) at the awards for the most beautiful German books.

    Book paper wood-free Non-aging, acid free, FSC® certified
    Dyeing Cream, blue white, high white (special white, extra white)
    Bulk 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.75, 2
    Grammages 60 to 120 g/sqm (higher grammage up to 200 g/sqm possible)
    Finishing Reels or sheets, according to request
    Uses Single- and multi-colour offset printing, inkjet- and digital printing.
    Inner pages of books and brochures, brochure covers

  • Fly®

    Creativity is not just expressed in the thoughts which are brought to the paper. Creativity also finds a way of expressing itself in the very way that the medium of paper is handled.

    Haptic, colour and structure make paper an artistic material which offers unrivalled possibilities. With the specially smoothed, wood-free, designer paper Fly® we give room for creative ideas.

    Fly® is an unadulterated natural paper, which does not just look good but is also pleasant to the touch.

    Quality/bulk specially smoothed, woodfree quality with bulk 1.2, FSC® certified
    Dyeing Fly® 02 blue white, Fly® 05 – special white, Fly® 06 – extra white, Fly® 07 – snow white
    Grammage 80; 90; 100; 115; 130; 150; 170; 200; 240; 300 g/sqm
    Finishing Reels or sheets, according to request
    Uses Single- and multi-colour offset printing, suitable for inkjet-, laser- and preprint up to 115 g/sqm, inner- and coverpages for books, brochures, catalogues, business reports, presentations and mailings

  • Bookendpapers

    Bookendpapers are technically and aesthetically essential in the production of hiqh quality books. Our paper stands out due to its particularly high rip and pick resistance and gives an outstanding finish.

    The bookendpapers by Schleipen can be printed in all popular methods and can also be finished with special printing processes such as engraving, blind embossing, hot foil book printing and serigraphy with attractive results.

    Quality A) woodfree ribbed, FSC® certified
    B) woodfree non-ribbed, FSC® certified
    Dyeing A) cream, blue white, high white, extra white
    B) cream, blue white, special white, extra white
    Grammage A) 80; 90; 100; 120 g/sqm (higher grammage up to 200 g/sqm possible)
    B) 100; 110; 120 g/sqm (higher grammage up to 200 g/sqm possible)
    Finishing Reels or sheets, according to request
    Uses As end page in books and brochures, calenders, labels, promotional materials, envelopes and packaging.

  • Kamiko®

    About 1000 years ago, the Japanese began producing garments from paper.
    The kamiko (kami = paper, koromo = monk’s habit) did not make it to Europe.

    One thousand years later however, the idea has raised enthusiasm and inspired us to design Kamiko®.
    Jointly developed with Gerhard Steidl, Kamiko® with its fine pored textile structure now provides
    the perfect substrate for the exclusive ideas of the world’s best designers.

    Quality fine pored, textile structure; haptic experience with bulk 1.5; woodfree quality; FSC® certified
    Colouring shira (pure, natural white), suna (yellowish, beach colour)
    Grammage 100, 120, 150, 170, 200, 240 g/m2 + 300 g/m2 as laminated finish
    Formats 72 x 102 cm in long and short grain
    Special formats min. 5 to
    Print properties applicable in all standard print methods like offset printing, LEUV, inkjet, flexo printing, high opacity, excellent colour rendering
    Uses Brochures, catalogues, mailings, books

  • Customising

    Custom-made solutions

    Our research and development department will gladly participate in the joint solution finding to meet your requirements. This service is having a long tradition in our company. Our up-to-date laboratories are equipped with most modern testing instruments and we are capable of performing various examinations for you at short notice.

    From the most diverse raw materials we can create sophisticated special papers with particular characteristics: high absorbency, high volume, heat-resistance or supercalendering.

    Challenge us, we would like to develop new products according to your requirements.


  • Paper Collection

    Are you interested in one of our papers?

    If so, we would be glad to send you our range of samples.

    Please contact us.

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