8. Oktober 2018

German Book Prize 2018

The paper mill Schleipen congratulates Inger-Maria Mahlke and the publishing house Rowohlt for winning the German Book Prize 2018 with „Archipelago“.

Printed on Schleipen woodfree book paper, bulk 1.75, 80 g/sqm.

22. Juni 2018

Kamiko® the new design paper from Schleipen. Pure feel!

Drucker und Verleger Gerhard Steidl © Foto: Markus Jans.

Printer and publisher Gerhard Steidl © Photo: Markus Jans.

Anyone who puts his work on paper presents himself “close at hand”. Which paper is selected for books, magazines, business equipment or brochures should be well-considered. Because it is not just the function that should be taken into account when choosing a paper, also the feel of the surface should be harmonious to create a successful appearance.

About 1000 years ago, the Japanese began producing garments from paper. The kamiko (kami = paper, koromo = monk’s habit) did not make it to Europe. One thousand years later however, the idea has raised enthusiasm and inspired us to design Kamiko®. Jointly developed with Gerhard Steidl, Kamiko® with its fine pored textile structure now provides the perfect substrate for the exclusive ideas of the world’s best designers.

Distribution partner for Germany, having Kamiko® on stock, is the Papier Union GmbH.


7. Mai 2018

Cordier invests over 3 million euros in new wastewater treatment plant

Cordier Spezialpapier GmbH operates a wastewater treatment plant (ARA), which is supplied with production water by the two paper mills located in Bad Dürkheim, Schleipen and Cordier.

The ARA consists essentially of a biological and a chemical-physical stage with associated sludge treatment.

For the construction and operation of a new activated sludge tank with secondary clarification, Cordier submitted an appropriate permit planning to the responsible approving authority (Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd – SGD Süd) in August 2015, which authorized the project. The new biology has more than double the volume of the old.

The challenging feature of the project was making the construction possible during ongoing operation. Cordier commissioned the ZWT Wasser- und Abwassertechnik from Bayreuth as a general contractor, who expertly supervised the project from the planning through the construction to the final acceptance for the entire construction period.

With total expenditure of more than € 3 million for this sustainable modernization, Cordier has taken great steps into the future of the site.

The extremely complex ARA optimization project was completed successfully in spring 2018 after a total period of three years with the construction acceptance in November 2017 and the final completion in the spring of 2018 following the implementation of ecological compensating plantations. The actual construction measures were even realized within only seven months.

15. Januar 2018


Provides access to further growth and development capital

Bad Dürkheim, Germany (January 8th, 2018) – Cordier Papier Holding GmbH and Cordier
Spezialpapier GmbH (together “Cordier” or the “Company”), a leading German manufacturer of
graphic and technical speciality papers, and Value Enhancement Partners B.V. (“VEP”), a Dutch
industrial investment company, announce that VEP has acquired a controlling majority interest
in the Company.

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