6. November 2017

News Prix Goncourt

Our paper mill Schleipen compliments the publishing house Actes Sud on winning the Prix Goncourt 2017. The remarkable book is entitled “L’ordre du jour “(The order of the day), written by Éric Vuillard, and is printed on our book end paper woodfree, ribbed 80 g/sqm.

9. Oktober 2017

German Book Prize 2017

We compliment Robert Menasse and the publishing house Suhrkamp on winning the German Book Prize 2017 for „Die Hauptstadt (The Capital)”.

Printed on our Schleipen book paper woodfree bulk 1.5, 80 g/sqm.

We hope all readers enjoy browsing through and reading this contemporary European novel.

29. September 2017

Color Control System put into operation

Color Control System put into operation 2

The Papermill Schleipen put into operation a new color control system by X-Rite in the course of larger reconstruction measures at the stock preparation.

For this purpose, a new measurement frame behind the end section as well as a new ink station with pumps made by Bran + Lübbe were acquired. Working with the control software ES19WIN, an automatic color matching is possible within the shortest time and with the greatest possible stability.

10. Juli 2017

Cordier invests in faster internet

We are very pleased that the fiber cable laid in spring 2017 from Höningen through the forest to Jägerthal was successfully put into operation in April. The Internet connection could thus be massively accelerated from 2Mbit / sec to 200Mbit / sec. The bandwidth of lines between the plants has also been significantly improved. After finding no solution for this project either by the Telekom or by the city of Bad Dürkheim, Cordier IT manager Uwe Roos detected the company Inexio from Saarlouis.


Inexio is specialized in providing a larger Internet bandwidth to less developed regions. Acting jointly, the challenging project could finally be successfully implemented!

9. Januar 2017

New Web Inspection System successfully installed

The Papierfabrik Schleipen continues to invest in improving quality and increasing machine efficiency.
After the quality management system was successfully installed in 2013, decision was made to cooperate again with the supplier MRP from Polch (Rhineland-Palatinate) and acquire a new web inspection system, which has been implemented right now.
Precise error detection with high-resolution cameras, combined with tools for analysis and correction of defects, ensure optimum quality in customer products.